A 20-year vision and strategic directions

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During 2013, the Queensland Government worked with tourism operators and industry representatives to develop a shared long-term vision for Queensland tourism.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) megatrends research conducted to inform industry engagement identified big changes ahead for the Queensland tourism industry. The 20 year plan was developed to ensure strategies are in place to optimise opportunities and address key challenges.

The vision for Queensland Tourism represents all the facets of the industry. It is set out as a set of overarching statements underpinned by six themes. Under each theme are each three to four strategic directions identified by industry as the most important things we need to change or build on to achieve our preferred future.

Industry's vision

To create a successful and competitive Queensland tourism industry where:

  • Our diverse iconic experiences will be the foundation of our destinations, and our destinations will be the foundation of our tourism success.
  • Our destinations will showcase the best of Queensland—our people and lifestyle, our culture and heritage, our natural wonders and climate, and our communities.
  • The tourism industry will be strong and prosperous, fully engaged with governments and the community, and universally recognised as fundamental to Queensland's economic, environmental and social future.

This involves directing effort across six key themes:

Strategic directions

To be successful over the long term, industry prioritised the following directions as the most important things we need to change or build on to achieve our goals across the six themes.

ThemesStrategic directions
Build strong partnerships
  • Work together and with governments to ensure effective planning, policies and investment for the life of the 20 year plan.
  • Engage the community to make tourism everybody's business.
  • Create an industry-wide collaborative culture that puts the customer experience first.
  • Inform decision-making with data, research, intelligence and insights.
Preserve our nature and culture
  • Maximise the tourism opportunities of heritage, arts, culture, nature and Indigenous tourism experiences.
  • Enable access to our national parks through appropriate infrastructure.
  • Use events to activate and showcase our iconic natural experiences.
Deliver quality, great service and innovation
  • Develop the world's best digital tourism systems and integrate technological innovations across all tourism businesses.
  • Improve the competitiveness of tourism by advocating for workplace relations reform.
  • Deliver a quality service culture and standard.
  • Identify workforce priorities to meet the needs of industry.
Target a balanced portfolio of markets
  • Preserve and grow the value of the domestic market.
  • Deliver innovative and unique events and experiences to drive repeat visitation.
  • Position Queensland as a premier international destination by ensuring our brand emotionally connects with a global audience.
Offer iconic experiences
  • Nurture and support destination events.
  • Develop new and existing products to deliver experiences of quality and value that consistently delight the customer.
  • Recognise and leverage icons and use product clustering to build visitation.
Grow investment and access
  • Focus investment in our digital presence and accessibility.
  • Remove barriers to investment by reducing costs and stimulating investor confidence, ensuring Queensland has a competitive global advantage.
  • Deliver a sustainable multimodal transport system that provides safe and equitable access to our destinations and iconic experiences.

Action plans

Destination Success is a long-term plan is supported by short-term action plans. Advancing Queensland Tourism will be the focus going forward, details of which will be released late 2016.

Download the 2014-15 plan

Download the Destination Success: the 20 year Plan for Queensland Tourism - full version (PDF, 13.9MB)

Download the Destination Success Snapshot  (PDF, 1.1MB), which is a summarised version of the entire plan.

Download the Destination Success: Action Plan January 2014-June 2015 (PDF, 939.1KB)

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The Queensland Government continues to work in partnershipwith the tourism industry to deliver on this shared vision for Queensland'stourism future.

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