DestinationQ industry-government partnership

Shane O'Reilly, Chair of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, and Minister Kate Jones at the partnership agreement signing

DestinationQ is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the tourism industry. The outcomes are reported to government via the Tourism and Commonwealth Games Cabinet Committee.

The partnership approach involves ongoing engagement between industry and government to examine and agree on key priorities to drive growth and jobs in Queensland's tourism industry.

The Partnership Agreement (PDF, 49.9KB) was signed on 30 June 2015 at a Tourism Industry Dialogue event hosted by the Honourable Kate Jones MP. The agreement focuses on three foundations driving efforts into the future: Invest. Excel. Grow. Through investment and a commitment to excellence, our partnership will grow the visitor economy in Queensland.

The most visible element of the partnership is the annual DestinationQ forum where industry and Ministers come together to discuss key issues facing the industry and agree on priorities to support the industry to achieve its long term vision for success.

Government-Academia Partnerships

Queensland has well established strengths in tourism research and education, and there are opportunities for industry to benefit from the lessons learned by Queensland's tertiary sector. One of the challenges we face is bringing the research and knowledge capacities of our universities together with the real challenges faced by our tourism businesses. By establishing a genuine long-term government, industry and tertiary institution relationship, collectively, we will be able to deliver a collaboration agenda that better supports industry needs. This collaboration agenda is also about promoting tourism as a career for young professionals to aspire to.