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DestinationQ Masterclasses


In 2015, masterclasses were incorporated into the annual DestinationQ forum program.

Delegates had the opportunity to attend 1 of 5 masterclasses. Each of the masterclasses explored the themes of innovation, quality and connectivity relevant to the consumer experience within a specific topic.

The 5 masterclass sessions were:

  • Unlocking the potential of the Asia market
  • Using digital channels to drive business  
  • Developing innovative experiences, starting with the Great Barrier Reef  
  • Enhancing and connecting tourism and transport to provide a seamless visitor journey  
  • Exceeding expectations through a GUEST philosophy  

In the final session of the forum, masterclass facilitators provided a report back on the learnings and priorities identified by delegates in each session.

For more information on each of the masterclasses, visit the 2015 Forum page.


In 2014, the annual DestinationQ forum program was supplemented with optional masterclasses which took a deeper look at key issues facing the industry. Two topics were on offer to DestinationQ forum delegates, although numbers were limited.

China - Rise of the Independent Traveller

This session was designed to be a 'myth buster' to eliminate preconceived ideas about the Chinese visitor market. This masterclass sought to refresh and update the tourism industry on the characteristics of the Chinese traveller. A particular focus was on the change from group-based travel to the rise  of  the free and independent Chinese traveller (FIT). The masterclass was about equipping attendees with the knowledge to better prepare and meet the expectations of the Chinese market over the next five years.

The session was facilitated by Richard Beere, Fastrak Asian Solutions, and keynote speakers included:

  • Bernard Hughes, Nielsen Australia  
  • Kestrel Lee and Roger Yu, The China GAP  
  • Wayne Carlson, Tourism and Events Queensland  
  • Cheryl Zhong, Equity Travel  
  • Reder Wang, Shenzhen CEPT Int'l Travel Service Ltd  
  • Tony Duan, (formerly  
  • Andy Jiang, Tourism Australia  
  • Grace Pan – Tourism and Events Queensland  

Download information from the China masterclass:

Building successful local partnerships

This session examined best practice in local councils and tourism organisations working together to grow tourism for the benefit of local communities. For many local communities, tourism offers an enormous opportunity to increase economic growth, create jobs and improve liveability for local residents.  With  decision making being shifted to a local and destination level, the formal and informal interactions between local government and tourism authorities are critical.

The session was facilitated by Stewart Moore, EC3 Global, and keynote speakers included:

  • Libby Coker, Councillor – Surf Coast Shire Council and Director G21 Geelong Regional Alliance  
  • Mary Carroll, CEO – Capricorn Enterprise  
  • Greg Vann, Director – Buckley Vann Town Planning Consultants  
  • Cr Bob Manning, Mayor – Cairns Regional Council.  

Download information from the local partnerships master class:

DestinationQ industry leaders forums

In the lead-up to the annual DestinationQ forums, the Queensland Government has hosted a forum of tourism industry leaders to review the preliminary findings of research commissioned for the forum, and how these would form part of the DestinationQ Forum agenda.

In 2015, 40 tourism operators and industry representatives attendees identified the most important opportunities on the horizon for tourism over the next 12 months and workshopped priorities for capitalising on these opportunities. It was at this event that the Queensland Government and Queensland  Tourism  Industry Council signed the DestinationQ Partnership Agreement.

In July 2014, 72 leaders of the industry considered the preliminary findings from the four research projects undertaken to inform the year's forum. Their insights formed the workshop themes: 

  • Enhance the visitor experience  
  • Work together to exceed expectations  
  • Drive new ideas and investments.  

In 2013 the research was CSIRO's foresight study on the megatrends likely to shape the Queensland tourism industry in coming decades. These megatrends informed the industry's development of a 20-year plan, Destination Success.

See a graphical overview of the discussions held at this 2033 leaders workshop, captured by the Graphic Recorder Gavin Blake.

DestinationQ regional workshops

In 2013 over 430 tourism industry representatives across the state were consulted as part of the process to develop the vision for Destination Success: the 20-year plan for Queensland tourism

Workshops were held in every tourism region of Queensland over 2 months, to discuss the findings of the CSIRO megatrends research and the implications of these to Queensland's future. Outcomes from each of these workshops were combined, and a vision for the 20-year plan was drafted and confirmed  at  the 2013 DestinationQ forum.

Similarly, in 2014 over 300 tourism industry representatives participated in 17 focus group workshops across the state to discuss what innovation and change was necessary in Queensland's tourism industry to achieve the 20-year plan. The workshops focused on the drivers of change, sources of information,  and  the barriers and enablers of change. The outcomes of the workshops led to an individual and collective commitment-focused agenda for the 2014 DestinationQ forum

Read the 'Voice of the operators' report on the Insights page. 

DestinationQ student forum

In July 2013, the Queensland Government hosted a workshop with university tourism students to present the findings of the CSIRO megatrends research and hear from these future industry leaders about their views on what will make Queensland tourism successful and competitive in the future. 

Watch some vox-pops from students who attended the forum to see what some of them had to say about the future of tourism in Queensland.

The outcomes of this workshop, combined with outcomes from the regional workshops, helped form the Destination Success 20-year plan vision and basis for development of the strategic directions by delegates at the 2013 DestinationQ Forum.

Tourism Forum at the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) 2014 Annual Conference in Mackay.

The department hosted a successful Tourism Forum at the LGAQ 2014 Annual Conference in Mackay on Monday 27 October 2014. The forum focused on 'best practice' in growing tourism for the benefit of local communities. 

The general feedback message from the forum was that growing tourism requires a strong partnership approach between all levels of government and industry. Local government must be a key partner in this process and has an essential role in tourism destination planning, so that tourism developments  do  align with community aspirations and the broader regional and state priorities.

The LGAQ Tourism Forum titled: 'Growing Tourism and the Local Economy' was delivered through three compelling speakers based on three themes. 

The speakers were: 
  • Peter Gash (Managing Director at Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort);  
  • Stewart Pentland Director, Planning & Development Townsville City Council; and  
  • Oriana Wyrozebska, Senior Manager, Investment Attraction (Tourism Infrastructure) Brisbane Marketing Pty Ltd a subsidiary of Brisbane City Council.  

The themes were:

Also available for download:

The Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games wishes to acknowledge the support and partnership of the LGAQ in hosting this valuable Tourism Forum.

Partners in Digital Productivity workshop

Together with the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts (DSITIA), the Queensland Government delivered a Partners in Digital Productivity (PiDP) forum in March 2014.

The forum brought ICT representatives together with tourism operators to discuss the challenges they face and workshopped potential solutions to improve productivity. 

The PiDP forum outcomes are now being taken forward by a working group of engaged ICT representatives and tourism operators eager to innovate. 

Tourism Innovation Forum

On 23 October 2014 the Queensland Government facilitated a forum with over 40 representatives from government, the tourism industry and tertiary institutions. 

The purpose of the forum was to facilitate collaboration between tourism operators, academia and government on information sharing, research and ideas for fostering innovation. Participants were actively engaged in three sessions to: 

  • discuss the tools for collaboration and the "rules of engagement" around each of the tools;  
  • identify priority issues, challenges or opportunities that we can work together to solve; and  
  • establish a small number of demonstration / collaborative projects.  

To learn more about what Queensland tertiary institutions are doing in tourism, see the Queensland's Tertiary Institutions page.